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YAK Press publishes artists whose medium is words. We’re a boutique publisher, crafting in short runs to maintain quality. We love making chapbooks, but also publish literature and learning materials for English/Language Arts instruction. We adore gabfests and wordplay. At YAK Press, ideas rule!


About the

NB logo_webThe Native Blossoms Chapbook Series embraces poetry of place, exploring connections to the natural landscape, the untamed, the indigenous. Each chapbook, while utilizing themes and concepts that comprise the contemporary American lyric, features at least one poem that takes the botanical name of a wildflower or other flora native to the poet’s locale as its title. As Joy Harjo encourages, “See those sensitive hills? They need to be talked to, sung to. . . .”

YAK Press is pleased to have the Native Blossoms Chapbook Series in its catalog of offerings. Series One, released in 2014, includes No.1: Night Walks by Nancy Carroll, and No.2: Liturgy of Small Feathers by Anne Yale. Series Two, No.1: Pressed Against All That Nothing by Cody Deitz is now available, and No.2: The Myth of Home by Sophia Petkovic is forthcoming!