Tumbleweed: Against All Odds


By CLS Ferguson

Native Blossoms Chapbook Series Three, Book 2

Evocative of the legacy the women’s movement has inspired, the twenty-one poems in this slender volume tell a deeply personal, but universal story. Navigating the ordeals women face with grace and wit, the speaker courageously confronts her own biases, as well as her own history, with sobering honesty and relentless candor. Offered in plainspoken, clearly accessible language, we find joy in unexpected moments as the speaker struggles to become a mother, despite the obstacles she must overcome.

Read Sample Poems:

Imposter” was published in The Magnolia Review Volume 2, Issue 2, in July 2016.

Mother Liberty” was published March 21, 2017 on Journey of the Heart: Women’s Spiritual Poetry

Extra Work” was published, along with two other of CLS Ferguson’s poems in Cultural Weekly on September 17, 2014.


CLS Ferguson, PhD, is a Pushcart-nominated writer with accolades in film, academia, and creative writing. She is the author of two full-length collections: God Bless Paul (Rosedog Books) and Soup Stories (Portage Press) and the co-author, with JC Jones, of a previous chapbook, The Way We Were (Writing Knights Press). She and her husband are raising their daughter, and a dog, in Alhambra, CA.

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Tumbleweed: Against All Odds
“Darque Doll” from Tumbleweed: Against All Odds by CLS Ferguson

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“Every poem in CLS Ferguson’s Tumbleweed: Against All Odds will move you.  There is great pain here, and great joy too. There are quick, imagistic pieces that capture the moment between moments and long poems that range gorgeously for pages. Ferguson is as comfortable writing about our experience with nature as she is writing about how people deal with brutality. There is a lot to be admired here, and read again and again.”

~ John Brantingham, author of East of Los Angeles,
Mann of War, The Green of Sunset, The Gift of Form, and Let Us All Pray Now to Our Own Strange Gods

“CLS Ferguson’s Tumbleweed: Against All Odds is thoroughly enjoyable, wise, and chattering. The twenty-one poems are healing and thoughtful. They stretch boundaries and open new channels of dialogue. Ferguson rebuilds assaulted dreams, determined to do ‘the only thing she could think to do’ which is to ‘thread her needle’ and ‘stitch herself back together.’ In this collection, she courageously shares new, different, and unpopular perspectives that will haunt the reader with their honesty, and invite them to join the conversation. Read this work!”

~ G. T. Foster, author of Hip to the Gyve

Tumbleweed: Against All Odds is alarmingly honest, witty, passionate, and smart. It’s no surprise to find so much candor crammed into CLS Ferguson’s work. Her poetry is so authentic that the poems form a person, moving like a tumbleweed.”

~ James Morrison, actor, 24 and Twin Peaks: The Return


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