Night Walks


By Nancy Carroll

Native Blossoms Chapbook Series One, Book 1

This collection of twenty-eight poems travels through backyards, art, myth and focuses on small, familiar moments of light and loss. Carroll’s feminine voice delivers place—carefully framed and exposed—and invites us to grab our maps and join the journey.

Read Sample Poems:

Woman at Kitchen Table” published in the Autumn/Winter issue of Chaparral

Helen’s Postcard from Aspen” published in Prime Decimals 5.2, Issue 5 (Jan-Mar 2011) by Prime Number Magazine

Meditation 57” published by Red-Headed Stepchild


Nancy Carroll received her Master of Arts in English with a concentration in Creative Writing at CSUN. She lives in Los Angeles and works as an editor. Her poems have appeared in national journals such as Borderlands, REDzine, California Quarterly, and Redheaded Stepchild. This is her first chapbook.


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Paperback: 44 pages
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“Nancy Carroll’s Night Walks is a beautifully crafted collection of tableax that take us on a sensational between-shiftsjourney through time and diverse archetypes. From ‘midnight swims around islands and lakes’ to ‘night wanders,’ we visit different eras inhabited by a ‘vagabond moon’ under the poet’s ‘hidden hypnosis.’ Like a skillful architect, she uses ‘stone, geometry, splinters’ to ‘construct new language like whisper, brush, tiptoe.’ Gratefully we delight in her song, where ‘she hangs like rain, strung between two ventricles, two lyres’ and ‘maps every faint implausible dream.’ ”

~ Hélène Cardona, poet, translator, actor, and author of Dreaming My Animal Selves

“Nancy Carroll’s poems deliver the clarity and precision of a world held in morning light. There are matters to attend to here, and she delivers. In this strong, feminine space, ‘splinters / construct new language.’ Whether it’s a late night walk that ‘smell[s] like Hollywood fog. All mist / and paint’ or an automat where ‘night, / bamboo quiet, is lost landscape / and only the coffee cup is waterfall,’ these are poems that pay scrupulous attention to the world. The devotion is palpable.”

~ Leilani Hall, Ph.D., Professor of English, Creative Writing Advisor, CSUN

“Like a lovely walk between photograph and landscape, the poems in Nancy Carroll’s debut collection sear images of memory and melancholy into delicately painted pictures of earthy determination that energize as they disquiet. Existing in the contemplative space of ekphrastic remembering and familiar loss, these poems take the illusory and reconfigure it into an enduring and tangible wonder that you will want to return to again and again.”

~ Deborah Blakely, Poetry Co-Editor at Redheaded Stepchild Magazine